“How about a girl who’s got a brain, who always speaks her mind?” – Mulan said it and Purple Heels believes it.

The shop is owned and managed by fashion extraordinaire and enthusiast Melissa Ferris. Inspired by the rampant style and creativity of brands and empires that have brought to life the art of popular culture, Melissa aims to empower women with innovative, idiosyncratic style.

The apparel that comprises Purple Heels UK oozes attitude and commands attention. Items are meticulously researched and selected to reflect a fashion philosophy that advocates intelligent irony and alternative audacity.

In the name of exclusivity (quality over quantity), Purple Heels carries limited stock on all of the apparel – sometimes only one style in one size (Irregular Choice in particular), which makes each item sincerely special. But clothing, in and of itself, is not ‘fashion’; it’s only when a haughty heel or brazen bag is assimilated with the unique personality of the wearer, that true style happens – authenticity is a bi-product of individuality.

Melissa is a fan of all the apparel on the site; she loves what she sells and is a ‘mix and match’ connoisseur – owning and wearing many of the styles herself. One of her most favourite things, other than sourcing fabulous fashion, is talking chic with like-minded eccentrics.

The Purple Heels collection is a resplendent reminder that dressing is fun – a reflection of passion and personality.

Whether it’s wearing princesses with the paradoxical perceptiveness of a feminist fashionista, brandishing Iron Fist like a rock star, flaunting Irregular Choice like Naomi Campbell before she fell in those Westwood shoes or parading in ponies as if the 90s were yesterday…

Fierce and fearless is the Purple Heels way.