BRAND NEW Muppet Merch by Disney out TODAY!

Finally, the day is here! Forget Halloween, Bonfire and Christmas – pah. It’s LAUNCH DAY for Disney’s brand new Muppets collection, which you can have RIGHT NOW with the mere click of a button (and a spot of cash, or plastic) at Gonzo, Kermit and our favourite prancing Piggy strut their sensational stuff on a range of sassy styles – including glam shoes, bold bags and other muppetational merchandise. Here are some of our favourite items:

Don’t be ashamed if you have tears welling up in your very excited eyes…we feel the same!  The collection is finally here  and stocks are limited! So don’t vacillate or oscillate, rather; shop till you drop and follow #Irregularmuppets to stay in the loop with what’s goin’ down in Muppet Town. 

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