It’s time to get your Christmas on!

i-see-you-jacket-iron-fistEarthquakes in New Zealand, floods in Johannesburg, Brexit, Trump as president…yikes! Thank goodness for new emojis and Iron Fist’s I See You Super Plush Faux Fur Multicolour Eyeball Jacket (currently on sale at – the world would otherwise be an entirely dismal abode.

Also, Christmas is stalking us with a vengeance and there are loads of things to distract us from all the cray going on at the mo, like:

  • The perfect eggnog recipe
  • How many people your prize glitter bauble earrings will offend at this year’s Christmas party (and do you really care?)
  • Whether the six pairs of shoes you listed on your Santa list might be a tad excessive (the guy needs options, right?)
  • How you’ll sneak into this year’s panto without ruining your street cred (because all your nieces and nephews are out of town this year)
  • Iron Fist’s new My Christmas Black and White Knit Fugly Boots 
  • How much Star Wars tinsel you can hang on your tree without your other half going all Darth Vader on you

…etcetera etcetera.
The geese are getting fat and the mulled wine is starting to flow; Jack’s ditched Halloween Town and the Grinch has hatched his ‘kill Christmas plan’ – TrumpShmump, right?  Yuletide waits for no one.

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