Stranger Things inspires Stranger Fashion

Stranger Things. If you aren’t watching – why the hell not? The Duffer Brothers’ sci-fi horror series (a Netflix original) has been dominating screens since its July release. And for good reason; the show is RADICAL covered in sprinkles – the dark, scary kind (whatever that is…you get the drift though, right?). Basically, the show is packed with cool – spellbinding storytelling, kickass characters, atmosphere in gallons, a killer soundtrack, Winona Ryder and a ‘Demogorgon’.

It also has fashion. Eighties fashion. Set in 1983, Stranger Things is an ode to 80s popular culture. And whilst granny glasses, mom jeans and blouses might seem a tad strange in the year 2016 (unless you’re a hipster/struggling artist hanging out in East London) we thought we’d pay our own homage to some of Purple Heels’ showcased styles; the kind that gals like Barb or Nancy, with their 80s-tinted goggles, might find not just strange but super strange…


For one; shoes that look more like candy (Iced by Irregular Choice Treasure Toybox Kitsch Pink Slip On) or like your kid stuck his/her favourite toy to the bottom of your favourite heel…and then did ‘arts and crafts’ all over the top (Irregular Choice Limited Edition Dino Worlds First Dinosaur Heel and Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Peach Gold Pom Pom White Rabbit Heel).

(Irregular Choice: we HEART you! A lot)

Then there’s the whole furry bear handbag thing (Iron Fist Care Bear Stare Plush Pink Rainbow Oversized Tote Bag) – what is that? And what’s the deal with personified fast food, like Iron Fist’s Gruesome Burger Sweater?

Sometimes it takes looking at things from a different perspective to remember just how awesome ‘strange’ is! Popular culture has normalised so many of the ‘abnormal’ trends that have infiltrated fashion in the 21st century but Purple Heels, with its quirky-cool alternative style, aims to keep the strange alive – with a vengeance!

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