Pokémon GO – the Purple Heels way!

Are you addicted? – Come on…’fess up; Pokémon are, like, the cutest little critters on the planet (Pikachu – hello!) – and now they’re around every corner or are they?  Go – quick! – have a look and then come back and finish this blog…


…done? Cool. So, before you lose concentration (again); there’s something you need to know about Pokémon GO – in addition to the original 151 characters, there are at least 700 more in the Pokémon universe, which means the game will run and run…and run. Which means you’re gonna need some hella good adventuring shoes and a wardrobe to match, at least; that’s how the Purple Heels team catch Pokémon.

wink-hoodie-oh-so-happySo So Happy – with its ’90s swag and Japanese manga vibe – is one of our most favourite brands to trawl Pokémon in. The Full Length Blue Red Ozzie Skull Romper Onesie and any of the Oh So Happy crop tops paired with the Friendlees White Rainbow Leggings are perfect for stalking cuddlies (especially the augmented reality kind).

The Wink White Rainbow Friendlews Hoodie is fab for chilly-weather-hunting and check out our range of Friendlee handbags, which are ideal for storing your precious Pokémon-capturing devices.

Just as clothes are a major part of our daily lives, so too are our phones – both necessities married with purpose by a plague of cutesy ’90s pin-ups. Join the madness while it lasts!

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