Strawberries & Cream…and a pair of heels

‘Tis the season of Strawberries & Cream – the scrumptious berry and its decadent garnish dominating teas and picnics hosted in the name of all things warm. As Wimbledon plays gratuitously in the background, chignons and champers (indifferent to racquet and ball) punctuate carefully clad fashionistas who flirt with the sun on the stiletto-styles of Strawberry Red Pearl Platforms or Strawberry Fudge Red Velvet Polkadot Light Up Heels. Dah-ling.


So pish, so posh – one wouldn’t immediately hark back to fifteen-hundred-and-something when good ol’ Henry VIII was having a pint with his Strawberries & Cream; betwixt scurvy, a putrid knee and chopping off the heads of his lovers.

That’s right – it was the Tudors who first revelled in the delicious dessert. Word on the street is that Cardinal Thomas Wolsey came up with the combo, which was served as Tudor feasts – and most likely at the grand palace of Hampton Court itself, the kitchens of which fed at least 600 people, twice a day. That’s a hella lot of strawbs (if anyone’s counting)?

It was most likely a cook in Wolsey’s kitchen who did a Heston Blumenthal; pairing a fruit (oh horror! – the Tudors weren’t really into the whole five-a-day thing) and God forbid…a dairy product (considered ‘peasant food’ by the upper classes). But Wolsey, the cheeky bastard, liked the dish and put it on the menu, so five centuries later he’s bossin’ up the kudos.

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Source: – “Wimbledon’s strawberries and cream has Tudor roots”

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