Disney targets adults – who are willing to PAY and DISPLAY!

It’s no secret that Disney’s taking over the world one Disney princess at a time. But what we might not have realised is that it’s not only our children who are targeted in the Empire’s rambunctious revolution; it’s us – adults…mums, dads, fashion fiends and comic book geeks. We’re all suckers for a hefty onslaught of Disney ditz.

Francesca Gianesin who heads up fashion and lifestyle for the Europe, Middle East and Asia region for Disney Consumer Products, told Theguardian.co.uk:

“We did a lot of consumer research and discovered there was huge demand for adult product from Disney…When we see a movie, the first thing we think is will there be an emotional connection? What is it men and women would like to feel by wearing pieces of that movie?”


And sales are up by 13 per cent, with Frozen (that’s right – Let it Go is not dead. We repeat: NOT DEAD), Avengers and Star Wars raking in the cash. Mickey and Minnie, and the Disney princesses (duh!) are also hot property when it comes to global domination. And now Disney is adding homeware to its arsenal, with Disney themed cushions, crockery and tea towels on the agenda for Gianesin and her team of money-makers designers.

Of course, the Purple Heels Shop has known about the awesome of Disney all along. Of course we have. In fact – we’re happy to reveal that we are totally in on the act. When Disney becomes president we want front row seats (perhaps the Vice President’s chair), which is why we stock some of the coolest, hippest, sassiest Disney merch, like, everStar Wars bedding, Alice in Wonderland tapestries, Disney Princess watches and new on our cyber shelves: a Little Mermaid Silhoette Anchor Heart Tote and Lilo & Stitch Angel Scrump Handbag. Skirts, shirts, bags and bikinis – you name it, we’ve got it!

Gianesin aptly articulates, “We are part of Pop Culture” – and the corollary; Pop Culture is a part of us. Own it!

Source: Theguardian.co.uk – “Disney pins its merchandise designs on an adult audience”


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