The Coolest Makeup Trends for Spring 2016

Spring beautiful spring! Full of lilacs, lilies, tulips, daffodils, dandelions, cute little furry animals spawned all over nature…and warmth – please let there be warmth; it’s good for the soul, sanity – and freaking awesome for the wardrobe.

Purple Heels has got some killer Spring styles on tap for your fashion pleasure this season – like our My Little Pony Pastel Multicolour Dress by Iron Fist and SO SO Happy’s Lucky White Rainbow Harem Pants – total spring staples! And what better way to complement our collection with some of 2016’s hippest makeup trends?

Now don’t panic, we’re not going all main stream on you! At Purple Heels, we’re all about making trends by breaking trends; adapting and bastardising what the world says is ‘cool’ to suit our own style ambitions. And so…to get your creative cogs turning (on how to ruin fashion the fashionista way), here’s some of what’s going down on the runways in preparation for spring:

  • Candy Apple lips – like Snow White. What’s not to love?
  • Vampire lips – …rawrr.
  • Blue eye makeup – worn any way you like! (Not that we needed the fashion gurus on high to point that out).
  • Sunset lids – peaches and pinks, soft orange shadows – so spring!
  • Bronze tan – as long as it’s not Essex-orange, right?
  • Lashes – mascara has been AWOL for a couple of years but it’s back and blacker than ever. Boom!
  • Black eyeliner – all the way!
  • Sparkly eyes – like Tinkerbell had a picnic on your eyelid.
  • Two-tone lips – blue and berry lipsticks are great for this.

Mix, match, merge, mash and mangle it all up into one fabulous makeup extravaganza – that’s our advice. When there are awesome, eccentric, awesome brands to dress up it’s go big or go the hell home – right?

Source: Harper’s Bazaar 


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