Irregular Choice Launches Alice Inspired Flamingo Heels!

“The chief difficulty Alice found at first was in managing her flamingo…” – Lewis Carroll

Flamingos masquerading as croquet mallets…plus a crazy despot potting hedgehogs through wire frames; threatening to ‘off the heads’ of any animal rights activists nosing around ready to impose their pesky don’t-hurt-the-wild-life philosophy on Queenie’s game. Only in Wonderland, right?

Maybe not.

Like, what happens when Wonderland meets World – our world?


A whole lotta cray – that’s what; Mad Hatter teas at fancy hotels, cup rides at fairgrounds, a Disney movie, the advent of the ‘Alice band’ and a bunch of other awesome, awesome stuff…like IRREGULAR CHOICE FLAMINGO HEELS! In case you didn’t hear or understand, or are in state of shock brought on by the sheer fabulousness of such a concept; we’re talking about pink…flamingo…shaped…heels.

These Blushing Bird heels by Irregular Choice are whimsy on a foot; an Alice fan’s dream shoe. They ooze Wonderland with their wonderful, wacky theme and beautifully crafted floral detail. And they’re available NOW! To adorn your eager feet with a pair of blushing flamingos, visit and stake your claim!

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