Ponies and Fries – Is There Anything Better?

So here’s a question: would you buy a McDonald’s Happy Meal if it came with a My Little Pony Toy? Duh you would! Because even though McDonald’s is kinda gross, ponies are kinda awesome! It’s a fact; common knowledge, if you will – which is why the savvy marketers at Mickey D’s have launched a My Little Pony promo that’s gonna be like honey to bees, or glitter to pony fans.

McDonald’s has confirmed the following ponies as part of its new Happy Meal campaign: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Button Belle, Princess Twilight, Miss Pommel, Rarity and Starlight Glimmer – all with colour changing tails. Shut-up – right? These little beauties roll out in the US on February 16, and are expected to hit Australia and the UK soon after (holding thumbs, crossing fingers).

And McDonald’s Germany is rolling out My Little Pony masks that are super cute and also come with a Happy Meal – maybe they’ll make their way to the UK too; if not, there’s always eBay!

While we wait for some pony with our fries, we may as well plan what we’re going to wear to the occasion. Now this is a serious matter because let’s keep it real here; there are loads of us who wouldn’t be caught dead in McDonald’s (but for the fries…and even then, in deep disguise), so we’re going to need to go stealth – under cover…trench coat, hat, balaclava – uh, maybe a little too ‘burglar’ (we don’t want to get arrested or anything – that’d mean no pony!). A better idea would be tracky pants and a tee, with Uggs. Gross.

DK E.T. Crappy Meal Space Alien Fast Food Handbag - Iron Fist Inspired Style3

Or you could own it, as in: ‘Hello McDonalds! I love ponies and I’m here for a Happy Meal because I freakin’ need Miss Pommel and Starlight Glimmer. Drape yourself in pony paraphernalia – Iron Fist’s My Little Pony blouse, platforms and Hologram Tote – just to make a point. And if you feel like an extra dose of ‘in your face’ put your spanking new McDonald’s pony in your Crappy Meal Space Alien Fast Food Handbag (by DK); choose the carrot sticks/organic milk option (so you don’t feel like a sell-out) and walk out with P.R.I.D.E.

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Boys too.

And WATCH THIS SPACE – we’ll keep you posted if we catch wind of the pony promo in McDonald’s UK. Also check out Purple Heels’ full My Little Pony style range HERE .


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