Fairytale fashion comes true this Christmas

And when they approached the little house they saw that it was built of bread and covered with cakes, but that the windows were of clear sugar.

“We will set to work on that,” said Hansel, “and have a good meal. I will eat a bit of the roof, and you Gretel, can eat some of the window, it will taste sweet.”

It’s kind of crazy to think that gingerbread houses have become a Christmas tradition …uh, seeing as the Grimm archetype was the home of a cannibalistic witch.  That’ll teach kids to touch sweets and treats without permission, right? But still, Hansel and Gretel won the day; burning the wicked witch alive in a fire meant for delicious roast child – horrid old hag!



…gingerbread houses; they’re a thing.

The Grimm brothers started it, Scandinavia universalised it, popular culture reinvented it and Purple Heels owns it – in handbag form. Irregular Choice’s Gingerbread House Handbag is possibly THE cutest thing this festive season. Paired with the limited edition Santa Baby Black/Red Velvet Gnome Heel (also by Irregular Choice), you’ll be kitted for Christmas. And if you prefer your Gnome a little less Santa-ish, check out the Thunderella Floral Tapestry Gnome Heel (Irregular choice, limited edition); it’ll do just as well!

If, like gingerbread houses, you’re wondering where Gnomes fit into Christmas; they’re another Scandinavian artefact (other than Vikings…and boy, do we love those!) to hit English shores. In Scandinavian countries, tradition says that gnomes live under floor boards and offer friendly assistance to farm animals and humans but if you annoy them, they will play tricks on you. So, on Christmas Eve, Scandinavian families leave a bowl of hot porridge on their doorstep for the little critters to enjoy – and keep them friendly in the year to come.

These Gnomes sound like they’ve got a good thing going but instead of warm porridge, how ‘bout some sassy Irregular Choice Deer Heels on your doorstep. They say “Christmas” without being obviously Christmas – the deer might not fly with Rudolph and the gang but would totes hang out after present delivery…as long as Jack Skellington hasn’t hijacked Christmas again, in which case; gingerbread houses, gnomes and deer – they’re all in Halloween Land, if you feel like making the trip!

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