Glitter Hair Brings the 90s Back to ‘Cool’

Remember the 90s…berry lips, choker necklaces, Doc Martens, platforms, VHS, milky pens, Dawson’s Creek, Super Mario, Aladdin, Jared Leto, space buns, scrunchies and glitter (lots of it) – good times, right? Luckily history has this tendency to repeat itself, which is pretty rubbish when it comes to things like boy bands or tie dye but hella awesome when it has to do with sparkly hair trends.

Rainbow glitter roots have been hotting up Instagram and taking over the glossies over the last couple of months. Gals are getting their dazzle on and all it takes is gel, glitter and a little re-growth: apply the gel to your roots, smash on some glitter (remember: garish is gorgeous) and you have one mean cover-up. It’s contempo, creative and totally in yo’ face – in an illegible, awesome, alien kinda way.

And also, it looks great with pretty much every single item stocked in the Purple Heels storeof course it does because retro is rad and because…

…glitter makes everything better.

Check out some of the styles making sparkles on Instagram for some inspo:


Source: Instagram/ tezenisofficial


Source: Instagram/ thatgirlshaexo


Source: Instagram/melbournehairblogger


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