New Care Bears Series, Pink Fuglies and the Worst Winter Ever. Wait! What?

So here’s a newsflash: weather buffs are calling the impending Christmas season ‘Freezageddon’, with the phrase “worst winter in half-a-century” leaving tracks all over the internet.

Now before you (prematurely) retreat to the warmth of under-the-covers and start stocking up on too many Vitamin D supplements, there is an ironic bright side to the severe lack of sun heading our way and it goes like this: if you have EVER needed a reason to buy a pair of cuddly shoes (with the cutest flappy ears and most adorable Care Bear face plus faux sherpa lining) THIS could be IT. Not that Care Bear apparel requires an occasion (like an icy cold winter) to be worn (or bought) but when your cupboard is already overloaded with Bear-ish delights, well, you know; first world problems, the refugee crisis…um…moving on…

Imagine this:

It’s snowing outside – beautiful, magical, freezing – but you’re inside; wearing your brand-spanking-new Care Bear Pink Fugly Bootswarm and toasty. You’ve popped some corn and a glass of mulled wine is a mere stretch away. As you log into your Netflix account and switch to “Care Bears and Cousins” you become fully aware that life is perfect.

Wait. What?

Perfect? No. Not that. The other thing. Oh…Care Bears?

That’s right. You read it. CARE BEARS IS BACK! All our favourite characters (hail to the 80s!) have been revamped with kickass modern style in a newly launched ‘made for Netflix’ TV series that’s available NOW. Right now.

Oh.My.Gosh. Oh.My.Gosh. Oh.My.Gosh. Oh.My.Gosh.

Grab Love-a-Lot Bear, invite some gal pals around, make sure the Candy Floss machine is working (because of course you have one) and you’ve got your Care Bear Tote to hand. Go all out; with your Pink Plush Sweater or Drape Cardigan – there’s no such thing as overkill when you’re playing ‘wrap up warm’! And if, per chance, Freezageddon eases off long for you to escape your doomsday shelter then you can strap on your Care Bears Stare Pink Platform Heels to match your Care Bear Retro 80s Long Sleeve Black Skater Dress and hit the town lookin’ suave.

Either way, get ready to enjoy winter Care Bears style!

Big – HUGE! – shout out to Iron Fist for embracing nostalgia with their winter Care Bears range! CLICK HERE to check out Purple Heels’ top Care Bear choices.

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