Purple Heels is Live!

Amidst the hype (and scandal) of presidential birthdays, movie scripts, pre-ordained blasts of wind, white dresses and being a super star, Marilyn Monroe managed to share some fashion insight with the lesser mortals of her generation, and her acumen went like this: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

Are you ready to conquer the world?

You had better be…because Purple Heels is here! – Prepared, with fabulous footwear and sumptuous styles, to help you achieve awesomeness.

Loyal customers (already on their way to world domination) can follow the Shoe & Clothing store from eBay to the newly launched live site, Purpleheelsshop.co.uk, which showcases featured styles with a swagger that represents the audacious attitude of the Purple Heels brand.

Familiar fashion from Purple Heels favourites, including Iron Fist, Disney, My Little Pony and Irregular Choice will feature on the new site, as well as some fabulous new acquisitions.

But before you hit the ‘purchase’ button (and you’ll really want to) it’s worth remembering the fate of poor Marilyn, who, as it turns out, wasn’t wearing the ‘right’ shoes after all – Elton John sung it and the masses mourned it. Luckily Purple Heels has a style guru a mere email away (sizeguru@purpleheelsshop.co.uk) to offer expert advice (re size and fit) on each and every item sold on the site!

Tell your friends! Spread the word!

Purple Heels is excited to brandish the bold, beautiful excess of its bespoke collection on the world at large!

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